Workshop on Big Data in Health Sciences


International workshop on Big data in Health sciences is held in 19/05/2016. The presented talks were mostly consistent on medical data and image processing. A short description of the presented talks are as below.



Dr Kian Jafari:

An overview of Big Data problems in Health Sciences is presented.



Prosfessor Ali Mohammad-djafari:

An Overview of Mathematical and Statistical tools for Big Data is presented with an introduction to big data in different areas, and related revolution in biology. Mathematical, statistical and algorithmic challenges in modern data analysis is addressed; novel techniques for modeling and analyzing massive, high-dimensional, and nonlinearly-structured data are explored. The role of algorithms in computational biology is then discussed, with providing examples in human genetics.



Dr vincent Vigneron:

Smart systems for neurodegenerative diseases are presented with focus on Detection of disorders caused by Alzheimer disease in PET/SPECT images. Feature extraction with non-negative tensor set decomposition is then described and Automatic Detection of HVS for Parkinson’s Disease is elaborated.



Dr Stéphane Robin:

Change-point problems in genomics is presented and Different experiments and technologies are discussed. Global and local scales are descibed in change point problem and Chromosome conformation capture is also elaborated.



Dr Pierre Baudot:

Topological structures of information inbiological data and biological models are presented by introducing generalization of information theory and information topology. Mathematical foundations of complex system in ecology is also discussed.


Dr Ardi Arjomandi:

Preclinical research and corresponding imaging modalities are discussed and the company named "Advanced Molecular Vision" is introduced by the owner.