Scientific Seminars


Title Lecturer Date
EvestG technology Dr Brian Lithgow December  2013
Stereo/3D Conversion and Reconstruction Dr Mohammad Izadi(PhD, Stereoscopic Researcher) April 2014
Fundamentals of Graph Based Approaches for Skin Image Analysis Hengame mirza Alian(PhD Candidate, Medical Image Analysis Lab) April 2014 
 A Texture Analysis to Automated Processing of Digital Pathology whole Slides Mohammad Peykari (PhD candidate at the university of Toronto) September 2014
Liver Tissue Engineering in the fluid microchips Dr Mohammad Ajodanian May 2015


























Workshop on Big Data in Health Sciences



May 2016

Introduction to  Experimental  Design Method

Reyhane Yarahmadian

December  2015

Workshop in Publication of Scientific Outputs

Milad baradaran

Mahdad Esmaeili

Zahra Amini

December  2015

Workshop for Writing a Scientific Report

Omid Sarrafzade

Reza Rasti

Mohammadreza Momenzade

December  2015

Haptic Feedback for Mini Invasive Surgery (MIS) Trainers and Robotic Surgery Tele-operators

Prof.  Hannes Bleuler

May 2015

Standards of Reporting in Biomedical Studies

Dr Mahmoud Saghaei

December  2014

Introduction to Linux

Dr Mahmoud Saghaei and et al

December  2014

Writing Article and Thesis using Latex Software


Akbar Davoudi

December  2014

Creativity and Innovation Techniques to the Secrets of Invention & Technology

Mehdi Atari

December  2014

Basic Linux Concepts

Tahmoures Shabanian

April 2014

Introduction to  Principles and Concepts of Roadmap

Dr Amin Nazemi

March 2014

Commercialization of Medical Computer Programs in Matlab Software

Omid Sarrafzade

June 2013

Introduction to OpenCV library for Image Processing Applications

Alireza Shirani

May 2013

Research Method (part I)

Alireza Zandifar

Pouya Mirmohammad Sadeghi

October 2013

Research Method (part II)

Shervin Badihian

Naeime Hosseini

Zahra Amini

Mohammadreza Fazel

October 2013

Research Method (part III)

Ali Gholamrezaei

Parnaz Daneshpazhoh

Fereydon Haghdost



October 2013

Introduction to Stem Cell Tracking Methods Dr. Hossein Rabbani -
Introduction to BEAMnrc for  Simulation of Linear Accelerators in Radiotherapy - -
Introduction to Power Lab Device - -
Breast Thermography Dr mahnaz Etehadtavakol -
Fractal Analysis Dr mahnaz Etehadtavakol -
Introduction to Research Field of Image Processing Dr mahnaz Etehadtavakol -
The Process of Patent and Intellectual Property and Commercialization of  Knowledge Based Ideas Mehrdad Elyasi -
Characterization of Ultrasound Elevation Beam width Artifacts for Brachytherapy Needle Insertion Mohammad Peikari -
Introduction to Active Contour Models for Image Segmentation Dr Alireza Vard -