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IEEE circuits and systems magzine


 IEEE Circuits and systems magazine





Volume 11, Number 1 First Quarter 2011

·         On the Roots of Wireless Communications

·         Two-Stage Operational Amplifiers

·         File-Sharing Preference in a Peer-to-Peer Network

·         VLSI Design for Low-Density Parity-Check Code Decoding



Volume 11, Number 3 Third Quarter 2011

·         Temporally Advanced Signal Detection: A Review of the Technology and Potential Applications

·         Clock Jitter Effects on Sampling: A Tutorial

·         Nanoscale FinFET Based SRAM Cell Design: Analysis of Performance Metric,Process Variation, Underlapped FinFETand Temperature Effect



Volume 11, Number 4 Fourth Quarter 2011

·        Exploiting the Body of MOS Devices for High Performance Analog Design

·        Architecture Optimizations for the RSA Public Key Cryptosystem: A Tutorial



Volume 12, Number 1 First Quarter 2012

·         Dual-Band RF Circuits and Components for Multi-Standard Software Defined Radios

·         Traffic Fluctuations on Weighted Networks

·         Demystifying Surrogate Modeling for Circuits and Systems

·         Teaching Memory Circuit Elements via Experiment-Based Learning



Volume 12, Number 2 Second Quarter 2012

·         Theory and Application of Software Defined Electronics: Design Concepts for the Next Generation of Telecommunications and Measurement Systems

·         Speech over VoIP Networks: Advanced Signal

·         Processing and System Implementation

·         Emerging Applications of Synchronous Ethernet in Telecommunication Networks



Volume 12, Number 4 Fourth Quarter 2012

·         The Seizure Prediction Problem in Epilepsy: Cellular Nonlinear Networks

·         The VITA 49 Analog RF-Digital Interface

·         Bridging Time Series Dynamics and Complex Network Theory with Application to Electrocardiogram Analysis

·         Engineering Challenges in Cochlear Implants Design and Practice



Volume 15, Number 2 Second Quarter 2015

·         The Inductive Power Transfer Story at the University of Auckland


·         History, Current Status and Future of the Wireless Power Consortium and the Qi Interface Specification

·         Qi Standard Wireless Power Transfer Technology Development Toward Spatial Freedom



Volume 15, Number 3 Third Quarter 2015

·         A Survey of Low-Power Transceivers and Their Applications


·         Towards Multi-Domain and Multi-Physical Electronic Design


·         Towards Power Centric Analog Design